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As KLC Grup, we aspired to interpret the adventure of greige yarn to turn into fabric, in our own way, throughout our journey that we commenced by concentrating our 30 years of experience within the body of KLC Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

While performing this, it ranked in priority for us to pull away from traditional production and management patterns, to analyse the customer preferences being updated each passing day and to develop and actualise the continuous enhancement projects required technologically institutionally by the production processes channelled by the said preferences.

Rameks Yıkama Apr eve Tekstil San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. that we established in 2013, and Unibest Dış Ticaret A.Ş. which began to operate in 2019 joined us to actualise uninterrupted production process, and to meet the customers’ expectations by producing Any Time/ On Time/ Perfectly.

We continue our activities with our 40 Circular Knitting Machine track consisting of particularly Electronic Jacquard, Links Jacquard, Camisole, Rib, Punto Di Roma, Three Thread, Single Jersey machines and 10.000 kg/day fabric processing capacity at our manufacturing site with 5000 square meters of indoor space.

Thanks to our R&D department and the Physics Laboratory we have, we evaluate the customer demands based on the current fashion trends and endeavour to make solution offers with the highest added value based on the sector.

We aspire after a sustainable environmental development by promoting our innovative production approaches with environmentally friendly technologies and attach great importance on the necessary accreditations related to this matter. Though we have GOTS 5.0 (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE), OCS 2.0 (GLOBAL CONTENT STANDARD), GRS 4.0 (GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD), RCS 2.0 (RECYCLED CLAIM STANDARD), BCI COTTON STANDARD, AND INDITEX STANDARD certifications, we follow the innovations, updates and legal obligations in this field closely, and reflect these on our manufacturing processes immediately.

At the end of all of these, we watch the yarns that went in our processes raw and appeared before us as high quality fabrics through the estimable collections of the global and local brands, with a great delight.

With our experienced human resources, manufacturing track with up-to-date technology and high capacity, our innovative and customer-oriented R&D processes, and above all, our vision adopting the total quality as the principle and our high energy we will continue maximising the added value of our production each passing day particularly for our customers, and for all of shareholders.

"We promise world of design world of colors."




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